The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. This scripture has been a source of strength and assurance for Philippa Moss over the years. Prayer has been the foundation of her walk with God since giving her life to Christ many years ago, she believes unequivocally in the power of prayer and application of the word of God.

As a humble servant of the Lord Philippa Moss endeavour to always seek God for a word that will bring complete change to the lives of the hearers. Her ultimate desire is to see the body of Christ spiritually and emotionally whole and the New Testament Acts of Miracles, Signs and Wonders manifested consistently.

Philippa believes in empowering women by helping them to develop discipline, identify challenges, and redesign their beliefs. With her passion to stand in the gap for those who lack capacity and vitality, Philippa has undeniably dedicated her life to seeing women free, fostered, and fulfilled.  

She has worked in several areas of ministry including Intercessory Prayer, Marriage, and Finance. She holds a master’s degree in Business Management and Finance. Her gift of administration has afforded her the opportunity to be employed as a Business Administrator and Operations Manager locally and internationally.

She is an advocate for reading and writing so to that end she has written and published two books, a children’s book “The Lost Toy” an inspirational book “Motive”, and her new eBook “It’s Your Time to Shine”. Her weekly inspirational emails challenge, encourage and empower its readers to grow and walk in purpose.

Her inaugural coaching program “Own Your Life” is designed to help you shift your perspective, align your faith, and redesign your life for optimum growth! Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more inspiration. She is married and is the mother of two children and currently resides in Nassau, Bahamas.

Client Feedback

MOTIVE! is a wonderful, practical and timely book. The body of Christ, like never before, needs a book that challenges us to check our motives and ambitions. This book gives biblical references that we can all relate to and/or find ourselves in. I believe in the power of prayer and Philippa not only challenges our motives, but she also leads us into prayer to further resolve any hidden motives. I am sure your life will be transformed as you read this book!
Bishop Helen McPhee, JP, Agape Church, Bahamas
Philippa Moss is an exceptional yet honest coach/mentor. She is always there to listen and give fair, unbiased, insightful, practical and spiritual advice. She gives me perspective, and challenges my thought processes which have helped me to grow and reform my beliefs. Philippa is full of wisdom, knowledge and possesses intellect and fortitude for any and all situations.
Because of the gift that she possesses, I labeled Philippa Moss "Dr. Phil". Her desire to empower and motivate persons to be the best version of themselves is innate; it comes naturally to her and she is passionate about it. What I love most about her is that she focuses on the whole being - body, soul and spirit, and has no issues telling you the truth or forcing you to face your truth. One like her is an irreplaceable asset.