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Philippa Moss is an experienced coach helping women of faith find the fuel needed to shift forward. Not only does she help her clients gain competitive advantage through mindset development and emotional expression, she also helps them to identify challenges, perceive new pathways, and redesign their beliefs for lifelong success. 


Philippa is a passionate speaker who has an anointing for inner (soul) healing, and a unique grace for bringing people into sobriety, while helping them discover, and walk in their God given identities.


Philippa Moss is a published author of the children’s book, Benny & Bree: The Lost Toy and Motive: Deliverance from Selfish Ambition to Live the Empowered Life. She has a weekly devotional and is currently working on several ebooks.

About Me

Once overcome by fear, relational disappointment, and the lack of stability needed to foster growth, trauma support coach and consultant Philippa Moss has found tremendous gratification in helping women of faith find and perceive new pathways for challenges she previously faced.

Leveraging fifteen years of life experience as a psychologist, counselor, author, and trauma expert, Philippa supports women by helping them to develop discipline, identify challenges, and redesign their beliefs. All of which are core areas she deems the fuel needed to shift one’s life forward.

With a passion to stand in the gap for those who lack capacity and vitality, Philippa has undeniably dedicated her life to seeing women free, fostered, and fulfilled.  She is married and is the mother of two children and currently resides in Nassau, Bahamas.